Domestic Money Transfer & Remittance Service

RECHARGE DEMO brings you the convenience of transferring money from The SmartShop near your place of residence to any Bank account across the country at any time.24 X 7 Money Transfer service can be done in RECHARGE DEMO. It is 100% secured & easily accessed. You have to enter the mobile number & bank details of the beneficiary, enter the required amount then you can transfer money.

How to use?

Domestic money remittance as easy as mobile recharge and you need to collect the customer's mobile no, Beneficiary bank account number, bank name, IFSC code, and the amount to be transferred to the customer. Complete the transaction by entering details at RECHARGE DEMO web portal or our android mobile app. The customer’s account is going to be credited instantly and therefore the customer also will be notified via SMS with the small print of the transaction in real-time.

Transaction Modes

Our platform supports IMPS and NEFT transaction modes, supported customer's requirements, and beneficiary bank.